With Thanks

"I cried when I saw the piano [in public].
I was happy, moved.
I wished my father and sister ... had got to see it. My father bought it 94 years ago and my sister was very proficient ... I was proud, sad and happy at the same time."
- Donor

For all sorts of reasons many people have contributed to the success of the Betty Amsden Participation Program to date.

We acknowledge the generous donation of Miss Betty Amsden AO which has kick-started a wonderful series of community programs to be taken to the public progressively over the coming years.

Betty Amsden’s on-going support of this and other Arts Centre Melbourne programs helps ensure that future generations can continue to engage with the performing arts.

But she is not alone. Betty’s generosity is backed by a long list of contributors to Arts Centre Melbourne.

We’d especially like to acknowledge the component contributors who helped make Home (2015) and Play Me, I’m Yours (2014) the success they were. As well, we acknowledge the supporters who have generously supported our 2016 project, Dominoes.

Donors to the Betty Amsden Participation Projects

Donors to the Dominoes Project

Arts Centre Melbourne extends a heartfelt thanks to our generous Dominoes supporters who have joined Miss Betty Amsden AO in bringing this extraordinary gift to our city.
Miss Betty Amsden AO
Mr Peter Aird & Mrs Catherine Aird
Mrs Valma Allaway
Mr Robbie Barker
Mrs Adrienne Basser
Mrs Lesley Bawden
Mrs Ina Becker
Ms Jenny Blencowe
Mrs Rosetta Bloom
Ms Rene Brown
Mrs Jennifer Brukner & Mr John Brukner
Mrs Geraldine Buxton
Mr Terry Campbell AO & Mrs Christine Campbell
Mrs Margaret Cash
Ms Min Li Chong
Mrs Robyn Christie
Mr Sandy Clark & Ms Marie McDonald
Mr Jim Cousins AO & Mrs Libby Cousins
Mr Kenneth Daley & Ms Dianne Daley
Miss Ann Darby
Mrs Kathy Deutsch & Dr George Deutsch
Mrs Noelle Fechner
Mr William Fleming
Gandel Philanthropy
Mrs Lynn Gardner
Mr Edwin Gill
Dr Reuben Glass & Mrs Ann Cebon-Glass
Mrs Mathel Gottlieb-Drucker
Mrs Jennifer Gross
Mr John Haddad AO & Mrs Agita Haddad
Ms Carol Hay
Mrs Linda Herd
Ms Dana Hlavacek & Mr Stephen Creese




Donors to the Home Project

Mr Marc Besen AO & Mrs Eva Besen AO
Mrs Nancy Butler
Mr Terry Campbell AO & Mrs Christine Campbell
Mrs Neilma Gantner
Mr Ron Goldschlager
Gandel Philanthropy
Mr Robert Kirby & Mrs Mem Kirby OAM
Mr Mark Robertson & Mrs Anne Robertson
Mrs Catherine Aird & Mr Peter Aird
Ms Gwen Armstrong
Mrs June Beaverstock
Mrs Luisa Calandra
Mrs Christine Clough & Mr Michael Clough
Mr Jim Cousins AO & Mrs Libby Cousins
Miss Ann Darby







Ms Sarah Hunt
Mrs Margaret Inglis
Mr Leonard Kennedy & Mrs Janet Kennedy
Mr Peter Kolliner OAM & Mrs Barbara Kolliner
Ms Snowe Li
Dr Janine Manwaring
Mrs Hannelore Martin
Mr Trevor Moy
Mrs Noelle Munro
Miss Linda Notley
Mr James Ostroburski
Mr Ted Payne & Mrs Vanessa Payne
Ms Victoria Rainsford
Ms Sandra Rebellato
Ms Sarah Louise Ricketts
Miss Christine Robertson
Mr Mark Robertson OAM & Mrs Anne Robertson
Ms Ruth Ross
Ms Anne Roussac-Hoyne
Mr Fergus Ryan AO & Mrs Judy Ryan
Dr Paul Schneider
Ms Anne Short
Mr Keith Smith & Mrs Elizabeth Smith
Lady Southey AC
Ms Claire Spencer & Mr Andrew Spencer
Mrs Gina Stuart
Mrs Beverley Theodore
Ms Elsbeth Torelli
Mrs Ann Tregear
Mr Leon Velik & Mrs Sandra Velik
Mrs Anne White
Mr Gordon Wilson
Miss Kathleen Wilson
Ms Rosemary Wiltshire
Anonymous (19)



Mr Michael Davies & Mrs Cathy Davies
Dr George Deutsch & Mrs Kathy Deutsch
Dr Simon Evans & Ms Melissa Conley-Tyler
Mr William Fleming
Mrs Lynn Gardner
Mr Edwin Gill
Mrs Mathel Gottlieb-Drucker
Mr Garry Grossbard & Mrs Julie M Grossbard
Mrs Beryl Hall
Mrs Fella Harbig
Mrs Linda Herd
Ms Dana Hlavacek & Mr Stephen Creese
Mrs Noel Hoitinga
Dr Sam Howes & Mrs Margaret Howes

Play Me, I'm Yours - Piano Donors

Margaret Longman
Rod Ford
Philippa Hargrave
Valerie and Peter Thomson
Robin & Carol Stribles
Sue Faulkhead
Allison Tooke
Northcote Town Hall
Naida Hartley
Terry Morris
Judy McArthur
Denise & Geoff Noble

Janine Ballantyne
Sally Ann Lawford
Sue Taylor
Robin McConnell
Glenys R. Collis
Akari K
Michelle Manly
Malthouse Theatre
Grays Piano World
Old Colonists Assoc Vic – Carol Keating
Lucy & Russell Melenhorst
Marianne Preissner

Project Supporters

Mr Marc Besen AO & Mrs Eva Besen AO
Mr Terry Campbell AO & Mrs Christine Campbell
Miss Catherine Gray
Mr John Haddad AO & Mrs Agita Haddad
Mrs Mem Kirby OAM & Mr Robert Kirby
Mr Peter Szabo & Mrs Leonie Szabo
Mrs Barbara Haynes OAM & Mr David Johnston
Ms Dana Hlavacek & Mr Stephen Creese
Mr Tim J Sherwood & Mrs Lynne Sherwood
Mrs Valma Allaway
Mrs Anne Bowden & Mr Darryle Bowden
Mrs Beverley Boyunegmez
Mrs Robyn Christie
Mrs Christine Clough & Mr Michael Clough
Ms Margaret Cunningham
Ms Lilian Curtis
Ms Wilma Farrow
Mrs Lynn Gardner

Mrs Mathel Gottlieb-Drucker
Mrs Valerie Granat
Mrs Margaret Inglis
Ms Claudine Lam
Dr Janine Manwaring
Mr Wal Mobilia
Mrs Ruth Muir
Dr Anne Myers
Ms Judith Neale
Ms Lynette Payne
Mrs Corinne Robin
Mr Iain Selkirk and Dr Rosemary Selkirk
Mrs Moira Smith
Mrs Judy Ann Stewart
Mrs Beverley Theodore
Mr Ewen Tyler AM & Mrs Aldyth Tyler
Mrs Sylvia Urbach & Dr Simon Ceber
Ms Wendy Verhagen
Mrs Julia Wood & Mr Reg Hunt

The Piano Artists

Decorating Group Website
Gilmore girls www.gilmoregirls.vic.edu.au
Artful Dodgers www.artfuldodgers.tv
U3A www.u3a.org.au
Deer Park Primary www.deerparknthps.vic.edu.au
St Paul’s Cathedral www.stpaulscathedral.org.au
Barkly Arts www.barklyartscentre.wordpress.com
Brunswick Art Group n/a
Oxygen www.moreland.vic.gov.au/community-services/young-people/oxygen.html
 Paul Hodges www.artsproject.org.au
Mattea Davies n/a
Furlong Park School for Deaf Children www.furlongpark.vic.edu.au
White Lion www.whitelion.asn.au
Thanh Duong www.thanhduongart.com
Satellite www.artsaccess.com.au
Choa Feng Chinese Orchestra www.chaofeng.com.au
Koorie Tiddas www.vacca.org
Arts Centre Melbourne www.artscentremelbourne.com.au
Cathy Staughton www.artsproject.org.au/
Sara Rizvi www.w11studio.com
La Voce Della Luna www.gift.cat/lavocedellaluna 
Patrick Jones n/a
Outer Urban Projects www.outerurbanprojects.org
StreetSMART www.facebook.com/woodsstreetarts
Dandenong – Castle Youth www.greaterdandenong.com/youthservices
Darryl Cordell n/a


Community Performance Groups

Charteris Music School
The Trolls Community Choir
First Chorus Band of Singers
Koorie Tiddas
The Night Before Tomorrow

Asylum Seekers Resource Centre Music Group
Arts Stop – Arts Access Victoria
Something Like a Kiss
Melbourne Clown Practice Group

Location Partner Organisations and City Councils

City of Hobson’s Bay
City of Melbourne
City of Greater Dandenong
Moreland City Council
State Library of Victoria
Malthouse Theatre

Melbourne Recital Centre
National Gallery of Victoria
Flinders Street Station/Metro
Federation Square
St Paul’s Cathedral

Thanks also to:

Libbi Gorr – opening night host

The Chipolatas

Born in a Taxi

Cha Cha Sam

Maude Davey & Friends – Saturday Night Sing-a-long

Jo Abbot and Bryn Criddle – piano lessons